The tank trouble is a maze based online game for 1 to 3 players on the single computer. Tanktrouble game was launched in December 2007 by Danish game developers Mad Purup. In tank games player has to destroy the opponents to win the point. The bombs blasted by tanks in tank battle also bounce back from the walls. After 20 bounces, if the bomb does not hit any of the tanks then the bomb disappears automatically.

Tank Trouble Control System

The tank trouble SWF game is super simple and requires only five buttons to control the all game operations. Five control keys include one key for moving forward, one key for moving backward, two keys for changing direction, and one key for shooting. When playing in single player mode vs LAIKA, tank trouble 1 player uses the arrow key to control the tank and ‘M’ for firing. The second  player uses the keys E, S, D, and F for controlling the tank and Q for firing. The third player uses the mouse to control the tank and left click for the shooting. You can get destroyed by your own bomb so be careful while shooting the bomb.

Tank Trouble Weaponry System

Players can use seven different weapons in tanks game . These weapons include laser, frag bomb, death ray, homing missile, RC missile, booby traps, gating gun. Every weapon has its own strengths like missiles are super-fast. Frag bomb is the default weapon for all tanks. You can fire only five bombs at a single time. To keep the game simple developers assigned only one key for using the weapon. To change the weapon players have to capture the box in the maze that only appear in the maze once in a while.

Tank Trouble Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of the tank games online varies with the maze. You can use the walls of the maze for security. You can change the settings of maze ad weapon system to adjust the difficulty level of this game. There are some other features in this game that make it more interesting. You can even customize your tank. In tanks trouble, you can paint your tank with one of the nine available colours. To win the game you have to use the walls of maze smartly. You can hit the tank of the enemy even if it is hidden in the closed corner of the maze. All you have to do is to fire the bomb in such a way that it enter that close corridor of the maze. So this game is about strategy, attack, control, and survival.

Tank Trouble Version

Over the last 8 years, this game has got so much popularity, and different versions released including tank trouble 2, tank trouble 3 and latest tank trouble 4 also have been launched. The basic concepts of other versions are same but graphics are slightly better. Since it is online video game so the quality of graphics is not main concern as high-quality graphics slow down the speed of the game, and kills is the main purpose of online games. Even after the arrival of upgraded version original tank trouble is still better because it is fast, interesting, and absolutely free. Click Click to Play Play And Enjoy