The Tank Trouble 2 unblocked is a multiplayer tanks game, and 2 or 3 players can play this game on the same computer at the same time, in tanks 2 series you have no option for playing game in single player mode against the computer “2 Player vs. LAIKA”, this feature is available in tank trouble 3 and tank trouble 4 series. In tanks trouble 2 series, 2 to 3 players can enjoy tanks battle at the same time on the same computer using keyword board and mouse. The thank trouble is the flash game and is very popular in kids and teen ages who are interesting in playing tank trouble unblocked games at school. In this tank game size of maps are different according to the number of players, if more players are playing, then the bigger map will appear. In fact, the map is a maze, where game player is trying to find the opponent or just hiding them from his bullets. Scroll-Down to Play full-screen Tank Trouble 2 Unblocked

Tank Trouble 2 Objective:

The player objective is the pretty easy in Tank Trouble 2, player have to kill the enemy (other tanks) by firing bombs before your tank is destroyed. You can use different weapons which appear on the stage, but before using them, you first have to gain them, just run over the weapon icon with your tank and you will be automatically able to use it immediately.

The Tank Trouble game is a fast-paced and action-packed tanks game that will take your full concentration. In the game, every time you die, the other player laughs at you, encouraging you to play more so you can get back at them. Though it is a computer game, it becomes a war that you are responsible for fighting. You must overcome the enemy, failure is not an option. You are traveling behind enemy lines and your only chance of survival is fast reflexes and quick thinking. The single player mode is very challenge, you do not have much time to think before the tanks started firing. It takes some time to get used to the keys and drive your tank, but if you do, there is no stopping you.

Game Control:

Controls for Tank Trouble 2 is not difficult. In starting of the game, controls for all the 3 players will appear, so take a time to remember them all. When playing in 2 player mode, The 1st player can move with ” E, S, D, F” keys and can fire with “Q” key, 2nd player can move with “Arrow Keys” and fires with “M” key. When playing with 3 player mode, 1st and 2nd player’s key are same, and the 3rd player use “Mouse” to control his tank and mouse left the key for fire.


With the addition of power-ups Tank Trouble will in even more chaotic and dangerous stage, when to take a Gatling gun and hold the button to fire by beating the trigger, use the bomb fragile decimate your enemies in the dangerous storm, or will bring destruction upon your enemies from afar with RC missile and laser.