Tank Trouble 3 unblocked is a multiplayer online tank shooter game, you can play with armored tanks and bloodshed atmosphere at your office in coffee breaks or anywhere. People of all ages making fun by playing this game, especially kids and teenage are excited for playing tank trouble unblocked at school. The tank trouble 3 and tank trouble 4 have option for playing game in single player mode, in this mode you can play tank trouble game as a single player against the machine “2 Player vs. LAIKA”, its means you can play against computer, but in tank trouble the single player mode is much difficult and you will need a lot of practice before you beat tank trouble 1 player mode. Scroll down for playing game and Enjoy! Scroll-Down to Play full-screen Tank Trouble 3 Unblocked

Tank trouble was designed and developed by the game designer Mads Purup. Overall this game is well-designed and competitive tanks game, which is extremely addictive, and very simple in playing, usually ending with 2 people screaming at their tanks and begging the bullets to attack the opposing tank. For making fun with friends by playing tank game, we found it very fairly simple and is one of most addictive in innovative tank games series. The game needs a basic knowledge of geometry to be applied in accordance with the bullets, which will bounce off the maze walls of the map. You will find it to be a great way to spend time with friends, but be warned it is extremely addictive.

Tank Trouble 3 Gameplay:

The Tank trouble is a shooter game and player should enough ability as a shooter, gameplay consists of on 2 or 3 armed tanks with bullets that bounce off from the walls of the maze, with the aim of blowing on enemies. In this game, you must move your tank with walls of the maze for hiding your tank or  chasing your target tank (enemy) for shooting. For shooting the enemy tanks, you must move you tank using your selected keyboard navigation and fire keys to point and shoot. There are several special power-up weapons which will appear in various game stages, you can collect these weapons during playing game, for collecting weapons and getting more power you have to move over on weapons icons, your power will boost automatically.

Tank Trouble 3 Game Control:

The game control is very easy, when playing the game in tank trouble 1 player mode, you can control game operation using keyboard keys “M + Aero Keys”, aero keys for navigation and “M” key for shooting. For  multiplayer mode,  game operational keys are listed below for each player.

Player 1: The tank trouble 1st player can move tank using “E, S, D, F” and “Q” key for firing.
Player 2: The tank trouble 2nd player can move tank using up, down, left, right aeros and M key for shooting the enemy.
Player 3: The tank trouble 3rd player can move his tank using mouse left mouse click for firing.

Suggestion: Tank Trouble needs coordination and the strong strategy, as a player you avoid for the useless shot which may become negative point and game will over for you. The first game level begins with just 2 enemy tanks with simple maze layout while next levels are much harder, but the more practice, great agility, and speed can reflex your skills and you will become a tank trouble winner.