Tank Trouble 4 is world favorite free tanks game, everyone can make fun and enjoy by playing online. The tank trouble 4 is the latest game in tank trouble series, its a great online game for starting civil wars at the office in coffee breaks, or at school or anywhere. The main theme of the game is similar as previous series (like Tank Trouble 1, Tank Trouble 2 and Tank Trouble 3), and still you have an option for playing the game in single “1 Player vs. LAIKA” or in multiplayer mode. The latest version in tank trouble 4 series is much batter than old released in performance, speed, graphic, sound and much more.

The Online TankTrouble BETA is in under development mode and available for test playing (at beta.tanktrouble.com), team need more game players for testing and making it efficient. The development team scheduled lucky draw on Friday (February 5th, 2016), in which they announce 10 lucky winners of for TankTrouble BETA membership.

Tank Trouble 4 Objective:

If you are playing with LAIKA (in single player mode), then you should take decision timely for firing and try not to be defeated by the attack. In maize layout, there are many safe corners along maize wall for protecting yourself from attack by LAIKA. You also need more power-up weapons and bullets for shooting, in gameplay if some weapons and power-ups appear, just move over your tank on weapons and power-ups for collecting them, and try to defend yourself, otherwise, you will die again and again and the game will get over.

The tank trouble 4 objective is same when playing with 2 or 3 players, such as moving your tank for shooting and killing the enemy and protecting your tank from others, and gaining more weapons and power for making strong shots for willing. Multiplayer mode is the team play, try for various tips and tricks for your success, try to be smart and focused on your target. Every time you can see scores at the end of each game stage on the screen, to know how far you success, don’t lose stamina, in the beginning, stay online and constraint at target and become the winner of the game.

Tank Trouble 4 Game Control:

The game control is not much difficult, you can easily control tank using keyboard and mouse when, playing in single player mode for shooting use “M” key and  aero keys for tank movement.  For multiplayer mode keys are listed below for all player.

Player 1: The 1st player can use  “Q” key for firing and “E, S, D, F” for tank movement.
Player 2: The 2nd player can use “M” key for firing and up, down, left, right aero keys for tank navigation.
Player 3: The 3rd player can use left mouse click for firing, and drive the tank with mouse.

Tip: Always appreciate to others, share skill and experience with players and find out the new skills and tips for winning success in a game in your own worthy way to play.