The tank trouble SWF is very popular flash tank game in tank trouble series, you can make fun and joy by playing this game online at your computer using google chrome or any other supported application. The tank trouble SWF game is loaded very quickly into your browser and after loading game, you do not require the internet connection, its great feature for avoiding frozen screens and logs which can slow down game speed.  Scroll down to play.

You also have an option for the downloading and enjoying by playing this game offline on your computer, using your favorite browser. Tank Trouble SWF ( SWF, small web format) is a tank war based game with simple and easy control, the basic idea in the game is 2 or more players (tanks) try to destroy each other for winning the game stage. Scroll-Down to Play full-screen Tank Trouble SWF

Tank Trouble SWF Gameplay

In the game, there are many levels of play, the player task is very simple, the player have to shoot each other, and try to live more for battle and willing game stage. Tank Trouble presents a maze-like layout, where the player has to destroy opponent’s tank and keep the safe own tank from other’s attacks. During gameplay player also face some bonuses on various stages, these bonuses will appear either on the fulfillment of certain game levels or challenges. the player can also use these bonuses power-up and shooting capabilities.

Tank trouble is an interesting game, play with strong strategy and keep avoiding form obstacles as you can, during the game when power-ups and weapons will appear, try to collect them just moving to icons. The additional power-ups which you collect are displayed at the bottom of the screen as points. As you move ahead crossing one level after another, you are presented with more challenging levels. The initial game levels are very easy as compared to advanced game level, and its glamour of the game.

Tank Trouble SWF Control

The game can be played alone in single player mode, If you are playing tank trouble in single player mode then the computer will be the enemy. This will add more fun and experience for players to beating out robot dog, which will try to protect himself from your shooting. In single player mode, your can control the game with aero keys for your tank movement and “M” key for shooting.

When playing tank trouble SWF in multiplayer mode, the 1st player can move the tank with “E, S, D, F” keys and user “Q” for shooting. The 2nd player moves his tank with “E, S, D, F” keys and takes fire with “Q” key. The 3rd player uses the mouse to control the tank movement and mouse left click for shooting to opponents.