The tank trouble 4 unblocked is 2 and 3 players online tank shooter game, you can play tank unblocked at school or anywhere. This game brings nothing original in terms of game design, game graphics or gameplay. The game is very simple, seems like it was developed in a day by the programmer. No single player can play, but the game player has an option of playing against machine “2 Player vs. LAIKA” or 2,3 player using the same keyboard and mouse.

How you can play and control tank trouble in single or multiplayer mode. below find the full guide and Win victory over your best amigo for making fun with multiplayer tank shooting game. Your task is simple, just drive your tank through the insane maze and try to crush your enemy. In Tank Trouble, you can also gain various power-ups along the way to add more scout.  Scroll-down to play full-screen Tank Trouble Unblocked

Game Control: 2 Player vs. LAIKA

The Tank Trouble unblocked game is very simple and only five keys are used for controlling all games operations. When playing in single user mode vs LAIKA, Tank Trouble 1 Player can control the game using aero keys, up key for moving forward, down aero key for moving backward, while the other 2 aero keys for moving in left and right direction, and “M” key for shooting.

Controlling Tank Trouble Unblocked in MultiPlayers Mode

Player 1: When playing unblocked games tank trouble with 2 or 3 players, then 1st player will control the game using 5 keys E, S, D, F and Q, E key for forward movement and D key for moving in down direction, S + F keys for left and right movement, and the Q key for Firing.

Player 2: The second player uses can control tanks game using up, down, left, right aeros and M key. Up aero key for forward movement, down aero key for backward movement, left the aero key for moving in the left direction and right aero key for moving in right direction and M key for shooting.

Player 3: The third player can control tank trouble game using mouse tank movement and left mouse click for firing. When playing tank trouble, You can also target by your own bomb so be careful while shooting the bomb.