1) How to use terms:

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2) License of use:

  • You will grant for temporary permission to download one copy of information of any game. All our games are legitimate and for commercial use only, and you will only allow viewing any of them what you see in the license you won’t be able to do things like,
  • Copy or make minor changes to the contents
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  • Attempting to changes the codes or reverse any of the software about any online game on our website
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3) Disclaimer

All the materials of any game on our website have no warranties and neglect any false claims which are related to it. Includes all the limitations, conditions intellectual signs of the violation all are accurate and concerned to any game of our website.

4) limitations:

In any event, this will occur during your playing the game in the shape of limitation, data loss or damages or have any kind of interruptions, rising of the used materials connected to the internet. Even if any kind of notice appear while playing you should stop playing immediately and stay in your limit if anything goes with the game, because these limitations will not apply to you.

5) Errors and Revisions

Any type of contents or materials appeared in our website’s game is included with photographic, technical, and typographical errors. We do not say that our games are accurate they could get hang in the middle of playing or face severe damage which has no warrant contained in it. There are some possible games which will need some update version to play and you are highly recommended that you do so you won’t have to face any errors in the game’s content.

6) About the links:

All of our games are not posted on any other websites or linked. You can see the same material and game on another site link. But we cannot guarantee you about it have legitimately proven real. You have to take the risk on your own to which site you link you click and success about related to the game.

7) Modifications to  Terms and Conditions of Use

All of our games may need to get a little modification of the terms uses on our website time after time. We can change it without giving you any notice. By using our website, you are bound to agreeing to terms and conditions of use.

8) The Law

Any of the claim related to the game on our website has been covered by the law and governed by all its provisions regarding its conflict.

All the general terms and conditions are applicable to our website, just like we make sure about your privacy policy which is very important to us. We are solely committed to conducting our gaming business according to the principles In the way of providing information to protect and maintain it.